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The First Report on the UN Convention

The First Report on the UN Convention

On 24 November 2011, the Government submitted the first UK report on implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People to the United Nations.

This report is an important milestone. Two years after ratification of the Convention it says what has been achieved in the UK, and the Government’s approach to delivering its commitment to equality for disabled people.

The Government’s ambition is to enable disabled people to fulfil their potential and have opportunities to play a full role in society.

The report identifies the progress that has been made in a range of areas, and reflects work across the whole of the UK.

The Government consulted extensively with disabled people to prepare the report, including making the draft report publicly available for comment earlier this year.

The views expressed by disabled people will inform the work that Department’s do in the future. Disabled people will be closely involved in the development of the new Disability Strategy.

The Government will be publishing a discussion document about the Strategy shortly, with the aim of working with disabled people to finalise the Strategy in 2012.

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UN Convention : Next steps

There is a Committee at the United Nations that monitors the reports that countries submit about implementation of the Convention. That Committee will consider the UK’s report and make recommendations in due course.

Any recommendations - which will be public - will not be legally binding on the Government, but will be carefully considered at that time.

Disabled people and others may also submit their own reports about implementation of the Convention in the UK direclty to the United Nations.

More information about the Convention and reporting process on the United Nation’s website

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