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Life Opportunities Survey

Find out about the Life Opportunities Survey, a key piece of research from the Office for Disability Issues


What is the Life Opportunities Survey?

The Life Opportunities Survey compares how disabled and non-disabled people participate in society in a number of areas.

These areas include:

The Survey aims to identify the reasons why people do not take part in these areas as much as they would like to. It also explores topics such as living standards, housing, discrimination and crime.

The government will use this information to:

How the Life Opportunities Survey works

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) runs the survey throughout the year across Great Britain. It interviews a random sample of households, with sectors of society chosen to reflect the general population.

This is a longitudinal survey, which means it will return to interview the same people over the coming years. This will help government understand how people’s lives change and to monitor whether life opportunities are improving.

Findings from the Life Opportunities Survey


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