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How the Office for Disability Issues ensures this site works for everyone


This website is run by the Office for Disability Issues (ODI), part of the Department for Work and Pensions.

All the pages on this site reach level AA standard against WCAG 1.0. Most pages on the site also reach AAA-level. The site is regularly reviewed by an independent accessibility auditor to ensure our standards are maintained.

How to use this site

The ODI website is designed to make it as easy as possible for users to move through it.

Access keys allow users to move directly to common pages. These keys are:

The homepage has a search box and an advanced search options

Navigation links at the top of each page (‘breadcrumb trails’) help visitors see where they are.

All pages have a ‘print this page' option.


Links always appear at the bottom of each page.

There are three types of link used on this site.

Files available for download from the ODI website appear under the ‘resources’ heading. These are usually PDF files, and list the file format, the file size and the number of pages the document includes.

Links to other pages on the ODI site appear under the ‘Explore’ heading.

Links to pages that take you away from the ODI website appear under the ‘Beyond the Office for Disability Issues’ heading’.


Important images on this website have been given a description that will be available to anyone using assistive technology. Images that are purely decorative will be ignored by assistive technology.

Customising the site

A number of elements have been included in the design of the website to make it easier for everyone to use:

Making other changes to this site

My Web, My Way was developed by AbilityNet and the BBC as a source of accessibility help for all computer users. It includes information on changing not only the colours and text size and style of our website, but will explain how these changes can be made to affect every site you visit.

Further help

If you are having technical difficulties while using our website, the site does not appear to working properly or you find broken links, please contact the Office for Disability Issues Communications Team.


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Page last reviewed: 04 November 2010

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