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About the Office for Disability Issues

Find out about what the Office for Disability Issues does and how it is working towards disability equality


What does the Office for Disability Issues do?

The Office for Disability Issues (ODI) is part of the Department for Work and Pensions and works closely with the Minister for Disabled People, other government departments, disabled people and a wide range of external groups.

The ODI leads the government’s vision of enabling disabled people to realise their aspirations and fulfil their potential. We believe disabled people should have the same choices and opportunities as non-disabled people.

We work collaboratively with other government departments to help them develop skills, expertise and confidence to ensure disabled people are included in their policy work. Much of our work is based on the principles of co-production.

Co-production means working with disabled people as partners at a strategic level. It is also a commitment to involve disabled people throughout the life of the policy or project. We believe those affected by a service or a policy should be involved in designing it.

This approach helps us identify the gaps in our knowledge and gives us an indication of whether a policy will work in the short and long term.

Why was the Office for Disability Issues set up?

ODI was set up in January 2005 to coordinate disability policy across government. Since then ODI has led the way across government, encouraging best practice, co-production and engagement with disabled people.



Beyond the Office for Disability Issues

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